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 Pets Care LLC provides professional veterinary care in the Cape May County and its surroundings

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About Us

At Pets Care LLC, we care about the well-being of your furry friends. We understand that they are more than a pet to you; they are a member of your family and deserve the most vital care from a trustworthy veterinarian.


We offer in-home veterinary care throughout Cape May County and its surroundings. We make house calls so that your pet can receive the quality care they need from the comfort of their home. Call us at (609) 408-3010 to inquire about our veterinary services.


Our hospice services will ensure that someone is with your pet throughout their sickness

"Hello, I’m Dr Djamel E Fathi, veterinarian. I graduated from Algeria in 1996. I worked primarily with large animals prior to moving to the United States. I received my license through the AVMA/ACFVG program in 2016. In my free time (not much of that), I enjoy spending time with my kids, relaxing on the beach and getting away to Disney when the opportunity arises. I am multi-lingual, speaking four languages: French, English, Arabic and Berber (native language). I love animals and am very passionate about caring for animals."


When your beloved pet is suffering from illness, the last thing they need is to be alone. That's why we provide a hospice service to ensure your animal receives the care and attention they need.


We'll come to your home to care for your pet and provide them with their medication. You can rely on our experience and knowledge to help make your friend feel as comfortable as possible.

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Home Euthanasia Services/Hospice

House Call Fee in Cape May County $165

Our Services

We offer in-home euthanasia so that your pet can pass over comfortably and peacefully

We understand that saying goodbye to a family member can be extremely painful and difficult. We'll help make the process as easy as possible for you and your pet by providing in-home euthanasia.


Whenever it's time for your pet to pass over, we'll make sure they are as comfortable as possible. Call us if you're searching for loving veterinary care.

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We'll help make sure your pet always has a place in your home

Once your pet has passed, we'll help ensure they'll always have a special place in your home by offering our pet cremation services. We offer various urns for your pet so that you can find the perfect final resting place for them.

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We provide pet cremations in Cape May County, NJ, area. Call us at (609) 408-3010 to speak with a professional veterinarian.

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